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Flyberry Zesty Zahidi Dates

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A date for the golden age

The golden coloured Zahidi dates are medium-sized and oval in shape. When compared to Medjoul, Zahidi dates have considerably lower natural sugar content. Chewy, and semi-dry in texture, these dates have a mildly sweet, nutty and buttery flavour with a subtle hint reminiscent of dried apricots.

Where does it come from?

What it tastes like
Mildly sweet nuts

The feels
Semi-dry texture, yet soft

Fly Facts
- Zahidi date palm cultivation goes back to 4,000 B.C
- Also called Butter Date for its light colour and flavour

Dates, what is good for?
Absolutely everything!
High levels of Potassium
that relieves muscle pain & fatigue

Zahidi dates are highly nutritious and a rich source of dietary fibre.
They contain iron, potassium, B-vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants and almost all twenty amino acids.
Its high level of potassium maintains normal blood pressure, and relieves muscular pain and overall fatigue.

What you should have it with, if not raw.
Salted nuts and almonds
Maple syrup or honey
Coffee and cream
Dark chocolate
Fresh cheese