To bring in the best Always

Flyberry Gourmet is a group of passionate entrepreneurs set out to source the world’s most exquisite natural produce. Our aim is to provide our customers with a rich experience by serving products of great quality, texture, purity of flavour and the right balance, while also bringing warmth and knowledge to our service. With our consistent and high attention to quality, thorough R&D prior to product selection (with a sharp focus on health benefits), and the overall uniqueness of our products, we hope to delight your taste buds and become the healthier option to your indulgences.

High in Nutrition

Multiple Forms and Recipes

Ideal for Gifting

In their attractive packaging, our products make for excellent gifts for all kinds of occasions. They can be gifted individually, as combo packs or as part of hampers and loose arrangements in containers such as trays.


Excellent product, though pricey. Cost can't be compared in India as no similar products are available here. Figs in full shape, not the usual flattened & punctured ones. Great taste and very sweet. Similar to Kimia Dates, soft & pulpy, not bone dry. Go ahead, if you are a connoisseur of dry fruits.


I never imagined figs can be so good - juicy, plumpy and sweet. But the price is very high. Maybe one has to pay this high price for the highest quality one can imagine. If one can afford, at least once he can buy and enjoy the luxury of life and know what are the best things in life.

Raja Ramalingam

These are one of the best dates that we had. The are large in size, juicy and sweet. The packaging by flyberry was good and ensured that pieces are individual and not pressed over.

Ritesh Grover