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Flyberry Toasted Coconut Chips

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Nothing But™ Toasted Coconut Chips

There’s a reason why every tropical paradise features the good old coconut. It’s cool, it’s healthy and it’s oh-so-yummy. And that’s before we rolled it in delicious Medjoul date sugar, coated it with organic, locally-sourced cocoa powder, and toasted it to perfection! Need some more good news? These snacks are baked and not fried. So go on, have a pack or two.

Know your chips.

Vacuum-fried? What’s that?
Our state-of-the-art vacuum-fryers use low temperatures and high pressures to fry veggies with hardly any oil. They even help retain nutrients better!

Real veggies. Real good.
We let our veggies do the talking. Every one of our chips are made from real veggies and nothing else. It’s as good as having the real thing.

Up to ½ kg veggies in a pack
Thanks to the wonders of vacuum-frying we’re able to get more snack in every pack. Up to 500gm of natural veggies. How’s that for a healthy snack?

What is it good for?
All the goodness of the veggies we use are retained thanks to the way we make them. Low oil, high fibres, packed with vitamins and much more.