the story of Apricots


Apricots are soft, juicy, enticingly scented and beautiful-looking little fruits that come in shades of bright orange and yellows.



Apricots actually hail from the rose family and are said to have existed in northern China for as long as 4000 years.The word apricot is derived from the Latin 'praecoces' which means early ripening fruit- a name given by the Romans to the fruit because of its early flowering and fruiting compared with other members of the rose family.


Apricots have a lot to offer with their constituents being more typical of a vegetable than a fruit. They are in higher beta-carotene (that converts to Vitamin A) content than even carrots which helps strengthen the immune system, protect the skin from UV radiation, improve eye sight and prevent hardening of the arteries. This also makes the skin and hair smoother and stronger.

Dietary Fiber - 3%     |     Total Carbs - 2%     |     Total Fat - 0%     |     Minerals - 12%


Our apricots are here to tempt your palate with numerous culinary delights. Apart from being relished alone, these can be baked, grilled and poached, which best preserves their delicacy. Simmering in white or red wine and serving them with mascarpone cheese or browned and seasoned chicken makes for